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Sahira was practically born on stage, having studied music, drama, and dance since the age of two. The musicality instilled within her as a classically trained flautist and singer infuse her dance with a sophisticated quality that is admired by dancers around the globe. Her extensive training in Middle Eastern as well as Tribal, Modern, and West African dance gives her performances an intense and earth energy that has captivated audiences’ hearts and minds.
In 2005, Sahira released her first instructional DVD, "Arabian Spices" and has since then been invited to teach
and perform across the USA as well as Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Canada, and Taiwan. In 2006 she
had the honor of being the first tribal instructor ever invited to teach at the largest belly dance festival in the world:
Ahlan We Sahlan, in Cairo, Egypt. In 2007 Sahira released two more instructional DVDs: "Ali" and "Bella Donna
Ya Helwa."
When in Houston, Sahira performs six nights a week with Bella Donna, voted Houston ’s Best Belly Dancers by
the Houston Press. She is founder and director of Houston’s premiere Tribal Style troupe, Urban Gypsy as well
as a founding member of Empyrean Fire Tribe. In addition to dance, she performs regularly on flute and vocals
with the award-winning world fusion music group Moodafaruka, as well as early music ensemble Istanpitta.
From one artist to another: Bravo! Keep up the good work, I am really impressed at not only the depth of your artistry, but also the breadth. If all the other entertainers in the world went missing, it would be enough to have just you, Sahira. You can enthrall and bedazzle the audience with the variety of your talent and repertoire: dancing, singing, playing instruments. I wish you warm regards and, of course, continued and meaningful success. Thanks for standing up for culture!
 - Edward

My son and I saw you and Instapita at the St Louis Ren Faire and we were stunned. I think we managed to catch all your shows that day. Your dancing and charasmatic manner just blew us away. I was so impressed that when I checked out your site and saw a limeric, I just had to throw in my two cents.
At St Louis Ren Faire danced Sahira
she loves to shimmy, that was clear-a
with those mesmerizing eyes aflame
and that dazzling smile just the same
I'd love to see her again. When will she be near-a?
OK, I'm no poet, just a new fan. :D
 - Kevin
Was just looking at your sight and your pictures. You have got to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Your stage presence and smile are something else. Even in the pictures, your face is so animated with just the joy of the dance.
You have that special something that brings people into your dance. It is a rare gift and you have it.
 - Joyce

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